About SSV

South Seas Ventures, Inc. was founded in 2001 by Peter Burgher. Pete was frustrated with factory parts for his Beechcraft Baron. What he found were parts that had not been engineered into better solutions when better solutions were obvious. In order to insure that he did not use ‘unapproved’ parts on his aircraft, Pete set out to engineer those better solutions and get the necessary FAA approvals. Hence, SSV was created and the inaugural parts are the Door Striker Plate, the Battery Drain Vent Fairing, and the Replacement Step; all for Bonanzas and Barons.

Since that time, Michael Kobylik has taken over leadership of SSV and, working together with Pete, begun to develop more parts for the FAA approval process and ultimately, making them available to the aviation community. Currently, there are over ten parts working their way through the design and approval process. Many more parts are in the ‘back-of-the-napkin’ stage.

Our design staff has expanded to include an electrical engineer with extensive experience in component design, and a mechanical engineer with over twenty years of interior component design and fabrication. Additionally, Michael Kobylik is an Aerospace Engineer with over 25 years of working with aircraft parts and components.

Our production capabilities include some of the following: Metal Fabrication (including Turret press stamping, forming, bending), Machine Shop capabilities (including Bridgeport, Lathe, & CNC), Welding (Mil-Spec aluminum, steel, stainless steel), Printed Circuit Board manufacture & assembly, all types of finishes from Alodine to Mil-Spec paint, and fastener installation.

Our quality manual is FAA approved and monitored. We are also a government listed vendor (CAGE CODE#: 3LDE5).

SSV, Inc. is committed to engineer better solutions to problems that can be found on many aircraft. Our philosophy and direction is to engineer, manufacture and sell innovative products and services to the aerospace and aviation community.